Green Energy Scam

Annoyed much? You bet. For the 3rd time this MONTH another so called “Green Energy *company*” has knocked on my door selling their “clean wind energy”. Funny how the companies names are different but their white and green polo shirts are nearly identical.
Anyway, they want to sell me Green Energy, for only 40% more than my *dirty non-renewable energy*.  I’m sorry, I will not participate in snake oil-greasy-guilt trip that I am using dirty energy. My first question to them(usually its my only question)
“How do you guarentee that I ONLY get the wind power? Are your power lines sequestered?”
This is usually met with a deer-in-headlights stare at me, almost always followed by a stammered
 “uh no, but your helping the environment…” and I cut them off right there with
“If my green energy is not delivered by sequestered lines, how are you PREVENTING the **dirty non-renewable energy** from co-mingling with my very expensive, completely unreliable *green wind energy*?
The second completely flummoxed stare is followed with my response of
“I thought so. Please go away and do not knock on my door again.”

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