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Titan the Tremendous

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008


Recently my oldest adopted a Great Dane.

Now as great danes go, he is a sweetie. Your typical goofy dog that is just too big to be graceful. Unfortunately, since she has a really busy life at the moment, he seems to have become my dog. He has a very gentle temperment, at least, until someone knocks on the door. And then he becomes Titan the Destroyer.

Is it wrong to enjoy watching door to door salesmen flee for their lives? Cause I do

Conversations with a Cat

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

On walking into the kitchen this morning to get my coffee, Bubbles followed. The dialog was as follows.

Bubbles: Meeee OWWWW
Me: I didn’t step on your tail
Bubbles: Mrow
Me: Breakfast is in 20 minutes. Lemme drink my coffee. You know how cranky I am before my coffee
Bubbles: Prrrrt
Me: Well, you don’t have to AGREE with me
Bubbles: Prrtttt oowwwwwww
Me: Still, its rude.

I pour my coffee and add the sugar and cream. Bubbles watches closely. As if it were a top secret process that she was going to have a pop test on later.

Bubbles: uuuuOOOOOOWWW
Me: (shows her the coffeemate) See, this goes in first
Bubbles: Prrt. Prittt.
Me:(stirs the coffee and adds the sweetener) And then you tear the tops of the little packets and pour them in
Bubbles: (stares and then shoots a significant look at the cat bowl) EEEEEOOOOOOOW
Me: Well technically I haven’t had my coffee yet.
Bubbles: Muhrowowow
Me: Okay FINE. I’ll feed you. Then leave me alone, okay?
Bubbles: Prrrrit.

And then the other cats run in

Me: Ah, so you are the designated Noisemaker this morning.
Miss Kitty: ehhhOOWWWW
Furby: (opens her mouth but no sound comes out. That Persian Mute thing)
I put the food down and the happy silence is only broken by the sound of crunching.

Furby the SuperCat

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Recently, Furby has acquired an aversion to walking on the floor. Rather than let her precious paws come in contact with something so lowly as carpet(or concrete) she has developed a stratgey of jumping from whatever elevated object is handy, to the next. Normally this would only be mildly annoying, however, considering how outrageously clumsy she is, it has become a source of unending amusement.

Today she went from the stairs to the sofa(slight jump down and to the left), followed that around to the next sofa(all three are arranged in a U shape) until she gets to the end. Uh oh. The chair is not where it used to be. Its MUCH farther away, about FIVE feet away. But she tries anyway. A giant leap and she…. MISSES. By about 2 feet.
Well, since the Current Known Feline Policy is to ignore any mistakes, she immediately sits down to groom and pretend that it was planned.