Valuable Lessions

So I saw a commerical on TV advertising the new Wingstreet, wings delivery now brought to us by the inept crew at Pizza Hut. Well it had been a decade or so since I ordered from Pizza Hut, and hoping against hope they they somehow cleaned up their act and actually learned something about the delivery business, I decided to give it a try. I ordered online via their new online order machine, and waited patiently for my order of “tender juicy wings just like I want them”.

And waited. And waited. And waited some more.

An hour and a half later the delectable morsels of wing goodness arrives. And thats where the fairytale ended.

The wings were so hard and dry that they were inedible. Even the DOG couldn’t chew them. On top of that, I had order fried cheese sticks. Yanno, the chunk of cheese coated in a crispy batter and then jacuzzied in the fat fryer. Well, that wasn’t what I got. I got these long chewy bread things. Just ew.

So I called the restaurant that I ordered from and complained. She OFFERED me a refund. I asked and she CLARIFIED that she would be crediting my CREDIT CART the amount of the wings. Okay fine, I can live with that.

Cut to this week. Today actually. I called and asked what happened to my refund. The new manager(I suspect it was the same one cause they have the same name) said that I have a store credit, that they don’t issue refunds. Well gee, why then, did your “other” manager offer me a refund as a credit to my card?

So I decide to give them one more try. I SPECIFIED that I ordered FRIED CHEESE STICKS, not the cheap cheesy bread. I made her REPEAT it to me THREE TIMES. Apparently that wasn’t enough.

The pizza arrives in a timely fashion, only 35 minutes this time. Only the FRIED CHEESE STICKS I order weren’t there. Oh no, I got that stupid cheesy bread. I told the driver that wasnt what I ordered. So I told the kids NOT to eat the cheesy bread and called the manager. I got the girly that took my order and I asked her to look at what I ordered. Made her read it back to me.  Then I pointed out that was NOT what I recieved. I asked to speak to the manager(heretofore to be known as the Liar) Whilst on hold the kids were complaining about the pizza. It was cold. Hard and Dry.

Plainly put, it was fucking inedible. This time the dog refused it and my dog eats ANYTHING. The girly comes back and tells me the manager can’t come to the phone that they will send out my FRIED cheese sticks. I was floored. The manager REFUSED to come to the phone. I was pissed.

Fast forward to an HOUR later. No cheese sticks. I finally got the manger on the phone and she said the cheese sticks left 30 minutes ago. LIAR!

It takes about 8 minutes in traffic to get from Pizza hut to my house even in heavy traffic and catching all the lights. I absolutely knew that she was lying. And the cheese sticks arrived 15 minutes later, thus proving that she lied. Oh and they were cold and hard too.

The moral of this story is to avoid Pizza Hut at all costs. They Still Have Not Gotten Their Act together, and no amount of online ordering or mobile ordering can fix a problem with their food or their managerial staff.


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