A TMI moment

Okay, so I cannot wear nylon clothes. After the years of having unimaginably horrific skin reactions to the material, I have even developed a healthy aversion to it.

Plainly put, if I wear nylon anywhere on my body,  in about 30 minutes I will have raw, weeping sores. Heat rash is what the doc called it. Whatever it really is, its painful and takes weeks to go away. Weeks that I cannot wear clothing over the affected area.

I totally realize that cotton clothes are boring. I have adjusted. Really. However, there are members of my family who don’t remember that most man-made materials(INCLUDING BRAS) will cause terrible, ugly, debilitating reactions.

1) If it is made of nylon, keep walking

2) if it contains latex of any kind that isn’t COVERED, keep walking.

3) If it is shiny or silky, keep walking

Have you ever seen shingles? Well that is what I look like when nylon, latex, rayon, spandex or any other material that is not COTTON, LINEN or WOOL touches my skin.

There are exceptions though. If it is at least 80% cotton, most knits are fine. If I can wear something UNDER It, I can usually manage, but don’t count on it.

Here is an example of my finger that just BRUSHED the elastic waistband of the pants I was wearing. Just so you know, the latex was covered, but the cover was unraveling and I wasn’t aware. I’ll spare you the visual of my side where it is even more inflamed.

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